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Radial Insert Ball Bearings company
Asked a question 8 months ago Built-in louver insulating glass generally use as window or partition. The modern louver window to install aluminum blinds or shutter inside the tempered insulated glass. It鈥檚 controlled by magnetic button, the blinds can raise, lower and tilt nearly 180 degree horizontally. Through control the handle, the blind slats can reach full shade, semi-transparent or full transparent. Built-in louver insulating glass, also call insulated glass blinds, built in shutter glass, double glass with blinds, is a traditional sunshade product in which the louver is installed in the hollow glass cavity. No matter it is summer or winter, the angle of the blinds can be adjusted to achieve shade or lighting, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Composition glassClear tempered glass, ultra clear tempered glass, color tinted glass, reflective glass, LOW-E glass, etc., customized processing according to customer requirements QualityNo bubbles, no defects, super flat and smooth surfaceChina Insulated Glass factory website:

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