Sarandin said in a joking tone, trying to get away from the subject as soon as possible. This man can always take off the armor of Sarandin's defense and expose the fragile part of his mind. But this time, Lucifer pushed him to a dead end without mercy. Poor. You must have been in a lot of pain. If this was a sympathetic remark from the rest of the population, Sarandin would have made him regret that he had ever expressed sympathy for himself. However, this is the deep sympathy and consideration that 10-year-old Lucifer showed to 12-year-old Sarandin. In this short sentence, there is also a mourning for the death of Sarandin's mother who failed to reach her son, and a feeling of luck that her mother could return to her side. The last descendant of the Penglai people, who was a child more than two hundred years ago, had a fierce anger against the last descendant of the Raphael people, who was a child more than ten years ago. He said he was flawed. Said he was so weird he wasn't even human. But such a person is so rude and disorderly as to disturb his mind. Scumbag, big donkey, super fraudster, words of anger come up one after another,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, whirling violently in my mind. The reason why I felt myself crying was the unpleasant feeling of tears flowing from my eyes and dripping down my chin. He wiped it with the back of his hand, and even though he was sure that it was tears, he still lacked the real feeling. Sarandin thought bitterly that this proved how confused he was. Sarandin took off his glasses, which had no degree, and put them in his chest pocket,oil dropper bottle, covering his eyes from his eyelids with his hands, which still could not stop the tears. You seem to be the strongest one in this base. In one short night, Kaja and I.. They all cried out. Faced with a grudging sneer and a sarcastic doctor, Lucifer, who has not responded so far, asked: ".." Is that the first tear you shed for your mother? You're still talking about it! This insolent fellow! And what does that mean! If Sarandin had a knife in his hand now, he would not hesitate to aim at Lucifador's heart and throw it out. He was so angry, but, even so, he thought hard about the answer. This kind of place is probably the nature of doctors, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, right? Because they have to face great changes in the patient's condition at any time, they must remain calm in the face of emergencies. But after thinking about it, Sarandin was surprised to find that Lucifardo was right. It's also because a person has to live very hard. Maybe it's because somewhere in my heart, I don't want to admit my mother's death. Although it was a matter of no nerves to the extreme, his anger disappeared at the thought that it was a part that only people who had had the same experience could point out. Yes, you're right. After simply answering, Sarandin stood up and said to the owner of the ward without looking at him. I've been here too long. I'm going back. It's really embarrassing to be seen at close range after crying. He was also very annoyed that he had talked about his past stupidity in a moment of forgetfulness. For the first time, Lucifardo took action against Sarandin, who was walking towards the door. Lucifer, wearing goggles, was actually "quite" angry, although his expression did not show it. He did not read the materials because of an inexplicable knot in his heart, so he still does not know what the "hunter" mentioned by 02 is. However, because of the relationship between these guys, Sarandin had to be maintained for nearly two hundred years, and there was no time to mourn and cry for his mother. Even life with the lover who taught him shamisen was his only spiritual oasis. But in the final analysis, it is doubtful whether it is really free from the threat of "hunters" and the days of complete freedom. Penglai people are too conspicuous. Not only because of the beautiful colors on the body, but also because of the heterogeneous breath of life that is different from any race. So the earth people around him instinctively hurt him-they were attracted. No matter what kind of people want the punishment of freedom and happiness, Penglai people will be hunted just because they are Penglai people, which is a situation that should not exist. Lucifer was once kidnapped as a research material only because he was a rare superhuman. Lucifador, who had such a humiliating experience, felt a clear sense of anger at the existence of being called a hunter. He jumped barefoot from the sitting hospital bed and grabbed the arm of the departing subject. Sarandin. Hearing his favorite bass call his name, the surgeon looked back at the man two hundred years younger than himself. I will protect you. Luciferdo grabbed the arm of Sarandin, who had stopped in his tracks, and forcibly pulled him closer. Surprised by the abrupt and rude behavior, the eyes of the flame color could not help staring. Looking down at the long pupils, Lucifer declared again. I will protect you. No matter who it is, I will not let you be hunted as prey. Salandin hurriedly suppressed the attack impulse that reflexively surged from his inside in an instant. Maybe it's an accidental agreement. The black-haired captain's words just now contained words that strongly stimulated the defensive instinct of Penglai people. If he knew the secret of Penglai people and let it go, he would probably be in danger of his own destruction. However, through the words and deeds just now, Sarandin instead confirmed that Lucifer did not know anything. Perhaps he heard what happened when Sarandin lost his mother and was influenced by a naive sense of justice? If he knew that he was an immortal monster who turned other races of humans into slaves called "companions" and drove each other until they were destroyed,30ml dropper bottle, even if he tore his mouth, he could not say anything to protect himself, could he.