I've made up my mind to have a fight here tonight. What can be stopped by a little struggle? If it can be stopped, it's not Yi Nanfeng. Grasping the hand on his face, he put it down under Liner's body and pressed it tightly. His hands hugged each other tightly, leaving only one head to move. The posture is good, Yi Nanfeng which still wait to go on, the mouth is still hiding on the head melon seeds, catch the red lips to suck on not to put. Chien Liner is angry, watching this is what time, Yi Nanfeng also mess up, tightly clenched teeth not to let is licking his tongue to go in. Knowing Liner's temperament, Yi Nanfeng was not in a hurry. He slowly grinded and did not rush in. He just ravaged two fleshy lips, sucking and biting for a while. Every time he scraped them down with his teeth, the little body in his arms would tremble. Yi Nanfeng deliberately tossed back and forth like this. Sure enough, after playing outside for a while, he finally caught the opportunity to rush in with his tongue. Entangling the piece of fragrant meat and sucking it vigorously, Yi Nanfeng tried his best to confuse Liner's mind. Angrily, he took the tip of his tongue to push against his big tongue, but when the two tongues were intertwined, gradually, Jane Liner's body began to soften. Be good, just once, no one sees, be obedient. My baby is so good. Um. Slow down and bite. While kissing, the man's mouth is still constantly coaxing, Jane Liner which is the opponent of this person, in a short while the eyes began to water, also began to bite Yi Nanfeng's tongue and lips in a breath. The upper part of the body is a vest, the lower part of the body is a military four-corner underpants, in order to facilitate running, Liner tore Yi Nanfeng's shirt as a chest wrap, when Yi Nanfeng stretched out his hand, he felt that the feeling under his hand was not right, loosened his mouth, lowered his head and looked, his face was black. What is this? Still in the misty Liner can not return to God, what is what, look down, "well, when running uncomfortable." Picking up the knotted cloth, Yi Nanfeng pulled down the rags around his beloved things in two or three times and threw them far away. He didn't dare to take off his vest. It was still very cold at night. He reached in and gently touched the soft meat of the two dumplings. Joking, he tied them up and didn't tie them up. Four fingers open, holding the milk,Theobromine Powder, meat, the tiger's mouth part is just holding the small cherry tip that has been hard up, slowly rubbing up and down, and sometimes pulling the tip out of the tiger's mouth. Liner could not stand it, panting, afraid to cry out, looking up to find Yi Nanfeng's mouth, Yi Nanfeng bowed his head, re-gambling on the slightly open mouth, rubbing his hands skillfully, his right hand also stroked Liner's armpit, where it was a sensitive place, a tremor, Liner felt the hair behind him stood up, the body's extremely sensitive reaction. Also dare not have too big movement, after all, there are still other people at this time, the whole body's antennae are standing up, Yi Nanfeng felt the surrounding movement, finally touched enough upper body, but the light was too dim, L Methylfolate Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, he could not see the two tender rabbits, regrettably thought that after going back, he had to let the girl naked at home for three days and three nights, he wanted to eat and touch and see. The hand walked down the chest line, made a few turns at the navel, and broke into the secret garden smoothly. The two were stabbed together, and when they were pulled out, Yi Nanfeng had a bad smile on his face. "Baby, taste it." Finger to Liner's mouth. By the not very bright moonlight, Jane Liner saw Yi Nanfeng's fingers with a sense of crystal water, the man's two fingers were still pulling each other, the silk thread in the middle was pulled up and torn off, his hands were still wandering around on his chest and back, Jane Liner looked at his wet fingers, rustling, feeling another stream of heat flowing out, still surging. Are you longing for this man, too? His face was already red, but at this time the temperature was even higher. He turned his head in shame and indignation, feeling that Yi Nanfeng had moved. When he turned his head, he saw Yi Nanfeng holding his two fingers in his mouth. The evil half-squinting Yi Nanfeng's cheeks were sunken. "It's so sweet!" Smacking his lips, Yi Nanfeng uttered two words. Boom, the brain completely exploded, how can this man like this, for a moment, Jane Liner remembered a word, male sex is confusing, the last bit of reason was completely lost by Yi Nanfeng. The hand reaches down to pull open the trousers button of Yi Nanfeng, pull down the zipper, see a bag of bulge in the lower abdomen, clear stick mark, took a look at Yi Nanfeng, pulled out, Yi Xiaodi straightened his waist and raised his head, felt a touch of moisture on his hand, bit his lip, thin legs moved and began to find the right posture. Yi Nanfeng in the heart dark cool, look, do a long time, the little guy began on the road. With Liner propping up his body, Yi Nanfeng's two hands were moving under his vest. When he felt his little hands holding him, the top of the hot and humid flower mouth was just right. He straightened his waist and held Liner's waist in both hands. With a "bang", he followed him in. Uh Humming from the nose, the fullness of the lower part of the body is too strong, afraid to cry out, bite on the strong neck, Yi Nanfeng began to send up and down. Clenching his teeth, although he went in many times, every time he went in, Yi Nanfeng felt that it was the same as the first time he went in, and it was hard to pull and insert tightly. Shuangli, with a sense of excitement in his bones, pulled out all his roots and counted them all, breaking off the two legs that were riding on his body. At this time, Yi Nanfeng became a demon. Staring at the half white foot exposed behind the stone in silence, watching the toes stretch, straighten and soften down, someone's eyes closed for a moment, and then staring at the half white, staring at it, and then unconsciously stretching out his hand. Are you tired? "Mmm." Yi Nanfeng kissed Guangjie's forehead, and after the storm, everything was calm now. Liner was sweating all over, limping in the arms of Yi Nanfeng, closing his eyes weakly, and beginning to want to sleep. Closely wrapped in the arms of the little baby, Yi Nanfeng wiped away the sweat on Liner's face,Kava Root Extract, "Sleep." After a while, the sound of his breathing began to be regular, and Yi Nanfeng's heart was relieved. pioneer-biotech.com