Art is one of the highest achievements of the conscious human mind. Although art often has no practical value, it is highly valued throughout the world because it satisfies people's aesthetic needs. Music is a completely unique art form because it can strongly influence our emotional state for a longer period of time, because it needs to be appreciated differently. No wonder why psychologists suggested it as one of the means to deal with stress and anxiety.


The sound of art

Art is largely a visual affair. Painting, sculpture, architecture and some other forms are valued in the dimension of space. The time it takes for a person to visually study a work of art and form a first opinion of it can vary between seconds and minutes. The only exception would perhaps be to write a few free essay samples as it can be longer. However, music is time-valued, which makes it unique.

Trending songs in Nigeria Time appreciation means that the listener must perceive a piece of musical art throughout its duration in order to form a complete opinion of it and appreciate it properly. This makes music as an art form somewhat more difficult for most listeners. At the same time, some forms of music are more accessible and therefore may be useful to more people.

Partly because of its nature, music has been repeatedly shown to have powerful neurological and psychological effects. Music includes everything from helping Alzheimer's patients recall their older memories to helping treat depression. While music isn't always featured on various lists of 10 healthy lifestyle tips for students, it definitely should be. But how exactly does it help us improve our mental health?

Listening stress away

It may not seem like it, but music can be a great helper in our lives. Historically, people have been soothed by music. Soldiers sang marches when they went to war, African-American slaves sang blues and spirituals to relieve themselves from all the hard work, and people swung to forget the Great Depression for just one evening. Yes, art does not bring an obvious practical use to the table. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will see that it can save our lives quite a bit, and music is one of the many proofs of that.